Business Plan

120 Day Action Plan

Our Pharmacies that experience the most success have embraced our model and executed the following steps within their first 120 Days of our partnership!

⬜  Read through all Training & Educational Materials –

⬜  Watch all YouTube Educational Videos –

⬜  Have your staff complete our Survey Monkey Quiz and get $100 Credit

⬜  Initial Purchase, Full Set Up & Initial Light Training

⬜  Carry the Top Key Products that sell the most in our Pharmacies – Find out what your patients like and are continuing to ask for

⬜  Keep the Display Case as close to the register as possible for more patient interaction and best results

⬜ Enroll in Coastal Prime for 5% Savings & Free Shipping

⬜  Share Brochures & Literature with  ALL Pharmacy Patients

⬜  Talk to your patients about the products/results and ask for their feedback

⬜  Utilize the free Stickers, Signage & Marketing Program we provide, free of cost

⬜  Make sure to always let us know when you are running low on supplies

⬜  Schedule and Complete Full Staff Training

⬜  Encourage Staff to utilize the unlimited 50% Discount Staff Coupon provided to you to personally try our products

⬜  Enroll in our Online Affiliate Program to ensure you never lose sales to the internet

⬜   Utilize the Coastal CBD Referring Doctor Program

⬜  Contact your Top 5 prescribing Doctors to share your Affiliate Literature

⬜  Utilize the Staff & Patient 24 Hour Information Line ~ Call any time!!

Display Case